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“The important thing is to use the role as a trampoline, a chance to study and play with what is behind our masks. Creativity, especially where acting is concerned, Is boundless sincerity, yet disciplined.”

– Jerzy Grotowski

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“Artists and scientists are activists. They look at the world as changeable and they look upon themselves as instruments for change. They understand that the slice of world they occupy is only a fragment but that the fragment is intrinsically connected to the whole. They know that action matters.”

– Anne Bogart

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These engaging and practical workshops aim to empower you as a public speaker so you can share your knowledge, ideas and views in a powerful, interesting and truthful way.

  • Public speaking

    A workshop where you learn to build strong presentations and to perform them in an engaging way.

  • Media

    A workshop that gets you ready to appear in front of a camera.

  • Service

    A workshop that enpowers people in service and enchances their performance and job satisfaction.

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