María is a visionary and an activist for environment and community. She is one of the founders and the head of the board of Future of Iceland. She is a founder and boardmember of Audlind fund and she was one of the "ants" that created the National Assembly 2009.

She is deeply interested in spiritual matters influenced by her great grandfather Haraldur Níelsson. She has been a part of building up sunday school for the church, creating educational material influenced by theater, teaching both children and young leaders. She has practiced yoga since she was a teenager and recently collaborated on a DVD connecting yoga practice and the nature of Iceland.


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“How is one´s vision born? I know that my father was a great influence, a spiritual man, humanist and nature child. I was also a scout which connected me to Icelandic nature in all weather and taught me to take on responsibility for my community. And then it was a turning point to meet writer and enviromental activist Guðmundur Páll Ólafsson who made me realize that it is not enough to love nature you need to proctect it. So I asked myself: What am I going to do about that? And before I knew it I had become an activist.” M