Opening night in a new theater space

María News

The big day where all the threads come together. It was exciting to lead the audience into a new theater space and into the world of Asmussen that has never been shown before in Iceland.

And as expected it got strong reactions from audience and critics alike.

****Four Stars
“An exciting show with a long aftertaste… Simon Bobergs directing supports the musical feel of the play. The acting and the movement are stylized and remind one of a dancepiece where every movement of a hand and every glance is set. The acting is diciplined and calls forth the coldness that the text emulates but underneath is boiling heat, despair and a longing for connection, that deeply moved the critic. – Silja Björk Huldudóttir MBL

“This production about the meeting between a man and a woman is extremly well structured, the body’s speak in an effortless movement pattern or a web that the Finn Raisa Foster has spun. There is a softness about the presicion of the acting, a mysterious rythm is broken by extreeme anguish, anger og cruel images. Delicate is the line that the director Boberg has had to tread between the humor and the seriousness of the play. No clear progress or explanations instruct or tell us how we schould interprete all the faces that Björn and María show us. Our roles are equally important as are the roles of the good actors But I go home with many new angles to existance, some that I have until now been reluctante to think about. The Nordic production of “Ingen moder Nogen “ becomes a light in the dark…” – – María Kristjánsdóttir RUV