To the Faroe Islands

María News

The audience in Faroe Islands had a taste for Asmussen and went along for the ride, with laughter and tears.[/x_pullquote]We visited the Faroe Islands in September where Sif Gunnarsdóttir, the artistic director of the Nordic House, had challenged us to perform the piece in the language of the Islands.

In a moment of madness we said yes, wich turned out to be an immense project for María, who speaks the language and even more so for Björn Ingi, who does not!

To our rescue came the actors Katarina Nolsoy and Hans Tórgarð that taped a reading of the play for us so we could listen to it all summer. To make a long story short, we succeded and it turned out to be a rewarding task. We where well received by our audience that seemed to have a taste for Asmussen and went along for the ride with laughter and tears.