Last show in Akureyri

María News

We travelled north to Akureyri for one last show of Nobody meets somebody concluding this challenging and rewarding journey.

After the show I wrote to Peter:

Kære Peter

We have just had our last show of Ingen Møder Nogen.
It has been such a gift for us actors to live in your world for these weeks.

Each night we entered the stage and sat opposite each other in the white chairs. At first light que we looked up and saw each other in the eye. From that moment – you took over and we got carried as with a strong current until the very end when we washed up on the shore – transformed.

And from the feedback from the audience the same seems to be true for them, they where deeply moved and the experience stayed with them. I feel that you have the courage to look life in the eye – but with a heart. Thank you.

Much love and deep respect María

From: “Peter Asmussen” <> Subject: SV: A gift
Date: 15 May 2016 19:47:28 GMT
To: “’Maria Ellingsen’” <>

Dear Maria,
How happy your mail made me! I would have loved to see your performance – I read some very good reviews, congrats in loads to both, all of you! And the pictures look wonderful. I hope to meet you one day. All the best, and lots of love!