María Commercials

Commercial for the Bulmers beer, shot by Eyjafjallajökull glacier.

Vagina Monologues

María Theater

A Nordic version of Vagina Monologues acted in three languages at a theater festival in Faroe Islands. Author: Eve Ensler. …

The Idiots

María Theater

In this black comedy about modern society its speed and alienation María played the minister of Environment. Other characters are …

Out of the cold

María Films

A washed-up Broadway tap dancer (Keith Carradine) immigrates to Estonia, where he finds new success shortly before World War II. …

Judgement day

María Television

A female journalist is interviewing Einar Benediktsson a famous old lawyer and a poet. As a young man he took …

Waiting for Beckett

María Theater

Three one acts by Becket shown in Iðnó theater. Production: Second Stage / Leikfélag Íslands. Director: Þorsteinn J. Vilhjálmsson. Set …